"Aja is a joy to work with. She always approaches her work with creativity, professionalism and dedication, and has a fantastic ability to transform the grain of an idea into a beautiful and functional design suited to the audience. Aja is also extremely reliable and innovative, and is a great communicator. I have no hesitation in recommending her."
Diane Leyman
Content Coordinator, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (c.2019)

"Aja has been our designer of choice for our educational resources because of her ability to take a large amount of often complex information and make it appear simple through design. She works hard to find a solution that makes our material clear, approachable and attractive. She is utterly reliable, always on time, unflappable and pleasant. I recommend Aja without hesitation."
Bev Laing
Curriculum Officer, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (c.2015)

"Aja is a pleasure to work with. Her efficiency, attention to detail, and creativity ensured that our promotional materials not only looked good, but were often ahead of schedule and under budget! I had no hesitation in recommending her to my colleagues in other departments of the company, who were also full of praise for her work."
Michelle Harvey
Content, Marketing & Projects Coordinator, Publications & Library Services, Education Services Australia (c.2015)

"Aja Bongiorno has proved an absolute blessing to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation's resource development work. Her incredibly professional, can-do, flexible and high-quality approach has helped us produce highly regarded, innovatively designed publications that more than meet expectations. We have absolutely relied on Aja's ability and readiness to understand our needs, competing priorities and shifting timelines, and she has never failed us. Moreover, Aja's ability to provide beautiful and inventive design work to meet our high level of expectation is without peer - we cannot count the amount of times we have said 'Isn't Aja wonderful!' when looking at her latest response to our complicated requirements."
Josephene Duffy
Knowledge Manager, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (c.2015)

"An inspired and dedicated designer, Aja always went the extra mile. Professional, efficient and imaginative with an incredible eye for detail. Highly recommended."
Laura Milne
Project Editor, Scholastic UK (c.2007)

"Aja developed into a senior member of the Publishing team as she designed, paged, illustrated, sought print quotes and prepared files for press for more than 50 books. She is at the same time controlled and flexible, calm and with the capacity to work with speed and accuracy."
Denise Quinn
Publisher, Curriculum Corporation (c.2006)